Remember when music was fun?!

Bob Snyder

After over twenty years of playing music on the road all over the country—from the upper Midwest to the Pacific coast and desert Southwest—many musicians would be ready to call it a day (and have), but Bob is just getting warmed up. “I’m actually looking forward to finally getting a chance to perform where I grew up”, he says. “It seems like I’ve played everywhere but here.” Bob plays guitar, bass, keyboards and sings. He's also tour managed for international artists, worked as director of promotions at a major independent record label and as production manager for several national progressive rock music festivals. These days, he teaches guitar and bass out of the 808 Music Haus in Coraopolis. In other words, he's done everything in this industry except get rich!!! CHECK OUT BOB’S WEBSITE: http://www.808musichaus.com/

Fred Olaharski

Has been a staple in the Pittsburgh music scene for over 30 years. He started out playing drums in country bands performing in clubs throughout Western Pennsylvania. Early it was evident that Fred could add to the vocals of any band in which he played and has always sung some lead as well as backing harmonies. Having influences from country to pop to rockabilly and hard rock has made Fred an exceptionally versatile and well-rounded musician. Whether playing in wedding bands or power rock trios, he adjusts his drumming technique to suit the sound of the ensemble. Always dependable, capable and strong, this performer adds pep and spice to an evening’s entertainment.

Donnie “Ray” Thompson

Don has been thumpin’ around those four strings since his early teens (a couple of years ago). A self-taught bass player he’s always had an ear for those thundering bass notes. Playing in numerous local bands over the years his last tenure was with Badd Newz: a name resurrected from a band he was a member of in the 80’s. Don hopes to add his punch to GumBand for years to come!